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Dive into our diverse range of relay and socket products, perfectly suited for your industrial needs. Immediate availability and global delivery ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

Versatile Relays and Sockets - Powering Industrial Automation

Relays and sockets, key components in industrial automation, offer unmatched versatility and reliability. Ideal for various applications, they ensure seamless operation in automation processes, enhancing efficiency and safety in your industrial endeavors. Trust our range to meet the diverse needs of modern industry.


The Products We Can Supply

Looking for a specific brand of relay or socket for your automation needs? Look no further. Our inventory includes a wide range of renowned brands, tailored to meet the demands of modern industrial automation. From warning lights to blocks, we have you covered.

At kwoco, we’re more than just suppliers – we’re your one-stop solution. Our commitment extends beyond providing a variety of relays and sockets. We ensure you receive a seamless service experience, from inquiry to delivery, streamlining your procurement process for maximum efficiency.

Why Kwoco is Your Go-To Automation Parts Supplier

kwoco specializes in providing a wide array of high-quality, original brand automation products for industrial automation. With an extensive inventory and deep understanding of global trade dynamics, we ensure rapid, reliable delivery, and unparalleled service, making us a trusted partner in your industrial journey.

Empowering Your Industrial Automation with Exceptional Service

Seamless Solutions, Delivered Fast and Dependably!

Kwoco stands out in the field of industrial automation, offering more than just products – we provide solutions. Our services include:

  • A vast inventory exceeding 30 million in value, featuring top global brands.

  • Expertise in international trade, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free procurement process.

  • A steadfast commitment to rapid global delivery, bringing you what you need, when you need it.


Partner with Kwoco to elevate your automation projects with our proven reliability and comprehensive support.

Robust Inventory Assurance

Comprehensive, ready-to-ship selection for immediate project needs.

Global Localized Support

Timely, personalized service in every global location.

Guaranteed Quality Commitment

Reliable, high-performance products for your confidence.

Your Trusted Partner Across Industries Worldwide

Kwoco serves diverse sectors with premium industrial automation products. We specialize in empowering equipment manufacturers, engineering solutions, and trading companies with reliability and excellence.

Equipment Manufacturers

For equipment manufacturers leading the charge in innovation, Kwoco provides top-tier industrial automation components. Our reliable, original products ensure your manufacturing processes are efficient, cutting-edge, and uninterrupted.
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Engineering Solution Companies

Kwoco partners with engineering solution companies to bring projects to life. Our comprehensive range of automation products, from PLCs to sensors, is your toolkit for delivering exceptional, reliable engineering solutions.
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Trading Companies

Trading companies seeking dependable automation products find a steadfast ally in Kwoco. We offer a vast inventory of original, high-quality industrial components, ready to ship and elevate your trade operations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Gathered here are answers to frequent customer inquiries, designed for your thorough understanding of our offerings and services before making a purchase decision.


Experience hassle-free procurement with kwoco. Our vast inventory of only new and original industrial automation products, from top brands like OMRON and Mitsubishi, ensures you get what you need, when you need it. No compromises on quality or authenticity.

Trust is our priority. At kwoco, every product is guaranteed to be new and original, sourced directly from renowned manufacturers. Say goodbye to concerns about counterfeit or refurbished items.

Speed is key in project success. We understand this, and that’s why we strive for the quickest delivery times in the industry, ensuring your projects in North America and Europe get the components they need without unnecessary delays.


Urgency met with efficiency. For those critical last-minute needs, kwoco’s extensive inventory and agile supply chain ensure rapid dispatch and delivery, minimizing downtime for your projects.

Beyond just supply. kwoco offers comprehensive technical support and after-sales service, ensuring not just the delivery of products but also assisting you in getting the most out of them.

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