Strengthening Engineering Solutions with KWOCO: A Success Story in Smart Procurement

In the competitive landscape of industrial automation, the right partnerships can propel projects from the planning stage to successful completion with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Kwoco has established partnerships with a diverse array of companies worldwide, including factories, trading companies, and many engineering solution firms.

Understanding Client Needs

Each type of company has unique procurement requirements. For instance, engineering firms need detailed cost estimates for various industrial components at the project’s outset. These range from large items like touch screens and PLCs to smaller components such as connectors and buttons.
Many clients also require us to procure various instruments due to project needs. Fortunately, our years of collaboration with engineering companies, big and small, have allowed us to amass a wealth of experience and establish strong relationships with industry suppliers, facilitating increasingly smooth cooperation.

Collaboration with Engineering Solutions Company

Our client, a prominent engineering solutions company based in Singapore, frequently undertakes local automation project renovations, requiring parts from brands such as MitsubishiOmron, and Schneider.
A primary challenge they face is the meticulous cost calculation needed for bidding on large projects. While local suppliers are conveniently located, they pose two critical issues: their pricing lacks competitiveness, significantly increasing overall project costs, and their long delivery times threaten tight project schedules.
After years of screening potential partners, the client chose Kwoco as their long-term collaborator. We typically respond to client inquiries within 24 hours, and our competitive pricing strategy offers more than just lower costs—it provides value that helps clients secure project bids.

Rapid Response and Delivery

Once a project is confirmed, clients request the swift completion of orders to meet tight deadlines. Kwoco leverages our robust inventory capabilities and supplier networks to deliver goods within 3-4 days of order confirmation.
Engineering project companies are particularly concerned about post-delivery quality issues, as these can directly impact the timely receipt of project payments. Our client initially expressed concerns about product quality, but repeated successful collaborations have alleviated these worries.
Projects sometimes require last-minute adjustments. Kwoco’s ability to not only respond to but anticipate these changes, offering multiple viable solutions, ensures project integrity without disrupting schedules.

Financial Planning and Support

The time from project bidding to actual delivery can be lengthy, and clients have often faced significant price increases by the time of purchase, adversely affecting their finances.
Our excellent communication with clients allows us to offer price locking, a foresight in financial planning that protects against potential price fluctuations, offering considerable budget management benefits.
Moreover, considering the delay from product delivery to actual use, Kwoco proactively extends warranties, enhancing the purchasing value.

Building Strong Partnerships

Recognizing the ongoing needs of clients and the financial complexities of managing large projects, Kwoco has implemented a OA 30 days payment term, significantly easing the direct financial burden and establishing a stronger partnership based on trust and mutual benefit.
Thanks to Kwoco’s reliability and comprehensive support, clients often entrust us with the procurement of various peripheral products needed for their engineering projects.
We greatly appreciate this trust and are eager to assist, simplifying their operations and solidifying their procurement strategies to allow them to focus more on core project activities.


With over a decade of experience in the automation industry, Kwoco has developed the capability to effortlessly meet diverse client needs. Our approach encompasses everything from pricing to sales to after-sales support, all aimed at establishing long-term partnerships with our clients.
For engineering solution companies seeking a reliable, efficient, and proactive industrial automation products partner, Kwoco is always ready to provide outstanding service and drive project success. Partner with us and experience a collaboration that turns challenges into achievements.

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