FUJI Servo Amplifier RYH751F5-VV2

Advanced servo motor from the RYH series, designed with a 750W capacity, ensuring optimal performance and high-speed precision in industrial applications.

Brand Fuji
Model Number RYH751F5-VV2
State In stock
Condition New Original
Warranty 12 months


Global Assurance

Model Number RYH751F5-VV2
Applicable motor output [kW] 0.75
Outer frame number 2a
Phase Single-phase, 3-phase
Voltage / frequency 200 to 240VAC 50/60Hz
Allowable voltage fluctuation 3-phase : 170 to 264 VAC, Single-phase : 180 to 264 VAC
Control system Fully-digital sinusoidal PWM drive
Built-in resistor 20
External resistor 50
Feedback INC 20bit/rev, ABS/INC 18bit/rev
Overload capability 300% / 3 sec
Speed control Closed loop control with speed adjuster, acceleration/deceleration time setting, manual feed rate/max. rotation speed, speed command zero clamp, etc
Number of position data sets 15-point (position, speed, acceleration/deceleration time setting, timer, M code and various statuses)
Positon control Closed loop control with position adjuster, electronic gear, output pulse setting, feed forward, homing, interrupt positioning, auto startup, etc.
Torque control Closed loop control with current adjuster (proportional open loop control of current and torque), torque limit, speed limit at torque control, etc
Accessory functions Easy tuning, profile operation, sequence test mode, auto tuning, auto notch filter, vibration suppressing online learning, etc.
Operation and display section of main body(keypad) 4-digit alphanumeric display with 7-segment LED 4 operation switches (MODE, SET, UP and DOWN)
Installation place Indoors at altitude ≤ 1000m, free from dust, corrosive gases and direct sunlight In case of compliance with CE marking: pollution degree 2, over voltage category III
Temperature / humidity -10 to 55°C/10 to 90%RH (without condensation)
Vibration / shock resistance Vibration resistance: 3mm: 2 to 9Hz or less, 9.8m/s2: 9 to 20Hz or less, 2m/s2: 20 to 55Hz or less, 1m/s2: 55 to 200Hz or less Shock resistance: 19.6m/s2 (2G)

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