FUJI 750w Servo RYC751D3-VVT2 in Stock

Compact servo motor from the RYC series, designed for 750W capacity, ideal for precision-driven tasks in space-constrained industrial environments.

Brand Fuji
Model Number RYC751D3-VVT2
State In stock
Condition New Original
Warranty 12 months


Global Assurance

Amplifier type RYC500D3-VVT2 RYC101D3-VVT2 RYC201D3-VVT2 RYC401D3-VVT2 RYC751D3-VVT2
Applicable motor output [kW] 0.05 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.75
External frame No. Frame 1 Frame 2
Power supply   Main power No. of phases Single phase Single phase/3 phase
Voltage AC200 to 230V, -15 to +10% (Single phase: -10 to +10%)
Frequency 50/60Hz
  Control power No. of phases Single phase
Voltage AC200 to 230V -15 to +10%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Control type IGBT PWM sine wave operation
Carrier frequency 10kHz
Feedback 17 bit serial encoder (incremental)
  Speed fluctuation rate ±1 r/min or less: Load fluctuation 0 to 100%
±1 r/min or less: Load fluctuation -10 to +10%
±0.2% or less: Temperature fluctuation 25°C ±10%, Rated rotation speed standard (input of analog voltage)
Speed control accuracy 1:5000 (rated load)
Recommended load inertia moment 100 times or less for speed control of the servomotor and 30 times or less for position control.
Overload resistance 300%/about 3 seconds
Control function Control type Position control, speed control and torque control (switched with sequence input signal)
Position control Pulse string
Speed control Analog voltage command or internal multistep (3 step) command
Torque control Analog voltage command
Accessory function Brake timing output, Z phase offset, speed command zero clamp function, vibration control, command follow-up control, notch filter, etc.
Position management   17 bit serial encoder   Incremental only. The current position is lost when the power is shut off.
Accessory function Braking Regenerative braking and regenerative resistance can be externally added to the DC link circuit.
    Protection Overcurrent (OC1, OC2), overspeed (OS), overvoltage (HV), encoder error (Et), control power error (Ct), memory error (dE), regenerative transistor overheating (rH2), encoder communication error (EC), CONT duplication (Cnt), overload (OL), undervoltage (Lv), regenerative resistor overheating (rH1), deviation limit (OF), amplifier overheating (AH)
Display and setting CHARGE – Power supplied (red), 7-segment LED 4 digits and 4 operation keys
Operating environment   Installation Indoors, altitude of 1000 m or less, without dust, corrosive gas or direct sunlight Compatibility with European standard : Pollution Degree=2 Over Voltage Category = III
Ambient temperature and humidity -10 to +55°C, 10 to 90%RH (no condensation)
Resistance to vibration and impact 4.9m/s{0.5G} · 19.6m/s{2G}
Applicable standards In accordance with UL/cUL (UL508c), in accordance with CE marking (low voltage directive EN50178)
Weight [kg] 1.0 1.5

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