Yaskawa AC Servo Drive SGDM-04ADA

Efficient servo drive from the SGDM series, 1 Phase, 200-230 VAC, 0.4 KW, suitable for small-scale applications requiring smooth and accurate motion control.

Brand Yaskawa
Model Number SGDM-04ADA
State In stock
Condition New Original
Warranty 12 months


Global Assurance

SERVOPACK Model SGDM- A3A A5A 01A 02A 04A 05A 08A 10A 15A 20A 30A 50A 60A 75A 1AA 1EA
Max. Applicable Servomotor Capacity (kW)   0.03   0.05   0.1   0.2   0.4   0.45   0.75   1.0   1.5   2.0   3.0   5.0   6.0   7.5   11   15
Continuous Out- put Current (Arms)   0.44   0.64   0.91   2.1   2.8   3.8   5.7   7.6   11.6   18.5   24.8   32.9   46.9   54.7   58.6   78.0
Max. Output Cur- rent (Arms) 1.3 2.0 2.8 6.5 8.5 11.0 13.9 17 28 42 56 84 110 130 140 170
Input Power Supply Main Circuit Single-phase/Three-phase 200 to 230 VAC +10% to -15%, 50/60 Hz
Control Circuit Single-phase 200 to 230 VAC +10% to -15%, 50/60 Hz
  Configuration   Base-mounted (Rack mounting available as an option) Base-mounted (Duct- ventilated available as an option)
Regenerative Processing External regenerative resistor Built-in External regenerative resistor
Basic Specifi- cations Control Method Single or three-phase full-wave rectification IGBT-PWM (sine-wave driven)
Feedback Serial encoder: 13, 16 or 17-bit (incremental/absolute) * The 13-bit encoder is incremental only.
Condi- tions Ambient/Storage Temperature *1 0 to +55 °C/-20 to +85 °C
Ambient/Storage Humidity 90% RH or less (with no condensation)
Vibration/Shock Resistance 4.9 m/s2/19.6 m/s2
Speed and Torque Control Modes Perfor- mance Speed Control Range 1:5000 (The lowest speed of the speed control range is the speed at which the servomotor will not stop with a rated torque load.)
Speed Regula- tion *2 Load Regulation 0 to 100% load: ±0.01% or less (at rated speed)
Voltage Regulation Rated voltage ±10%: 0% (at rated speed)
Temperature Regula- tion 25 ± 25 °C: ±0.1% or less (at rated speed)
Frequency Characteristics 400 Hz (at JL = JM)
Torque Control Tolerance (Repeatability) ±2%
Soft Start Time Setting 0 to 10 s (Can be set individually for acceleration and deceleration.)
Input Signals Speed Reference Input Reference Voltage *3 ±6 VDC (Variable setting range: ±2 to ±10 VDC) at rated torque (servo- motor forward rotation with positive reference), input voltage: maximum ±12 V
Input Impedance About 14 kΩ
Circuit Time Constant About 47 ms
Torque Reference Input Reference Voltage *3 ±3 VDC (Variable setting range: ±1 to ±10 VDC) at rated torque (positive torque reference with positive reference), input voltage: maximum ±12 V
Input Impedance About 14 kΩ
Circuit Time Constant About 47 ms
Contact Speed Reference Rotation Direction Selection With P control signal
Speed Selection With forward/reverse current limit signal (speed 1 to 3 selection), servo- motor stops or another control method is used when both are OFF.
Position Control Modes Perfor- mance Bias Setting 0 to 450 min-1 (setting resolution: 1 min-1)
Feed Forward Compensation 0 to 100% (setting resolution: 1%)
Positioning Completed Width Setting 0 to 250 reference units (setting resolution: 1 reference unit)
Input Signals Reference Pulse Type Sign + pulse train, 90° phase difference 2-phase pulse (phase A + phase B), or CCW + CW pulse train
Form Line driver (+5 V level), open collector (+5 V or +12 V level)
Frequency Maximum 500/200 kpps (line driver/open collector)
Control Signal Clear signal (input pulse form identical to reference pulse)
Built-in Open Collector Power Supply *4 +12 V (1kΩ resistor built in)
I/O Signals Position Output Form Phase-A, -B, -C line driver Phase-S line driver (only with an absolute encoder)
Frequency Dividing Ratio Any
Sequence Input Signal allocation can be modified. Servo ON, P control (or Control mode switching, forward/reverse motor rotation by internal speed setting, zero clamping, reference pulse prohib- ited), forward run prohibited (P-OT), reverse run prohibited (N-OT), alarm reset, forward current limit, and reverse current limit (or internal speed selection)
Sequence Output Fixed Output Servo alarm, 3-bit alarm codes
Signal allocation can be modified. Positioning completed (speed coincidence), during servomotor rotation, servo ready, during current limiting, during speed limiting, brake released, warning, selecting three of the NEAR signals.
Internal Func- tions Dynamic Brake Operated at main power OFF, servo alarm, servo OFF or overtravel.
Overtravel Stop Dynamic brake stop at P-OT or N-OT, deceleration to a stop, or coast to a stop
Electronic Gear 0.01 £ B/A £ 100
  Protection Overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, overload, regeneration error, main circuit detection section error, heat sink overheated, no power supply, overflow, overspeed, encoder error, overrun, CPU error, parameter error.
LED Display Charge, Power, five 7-segment LEDs (built-in Digital Operator func- tions)
  CN5 Analog Monitoring Analog monitor connector built in for monitoring speed, torque and other reference signals. Speed: 1 V/1000 min-1 Torque: 1 V/100% of rated torque Position error pulses: 0.05 V/1 reference units or 0.05 V/100 reference units
  Communications Connected Devices Digital Operator (hand-held model), RS-422A port such as for a personal computer (RS-232C ports under certain conditions)
1:N Communications Up to N = 14 for RS-422A ports
Axis Address Setting Set with parameters.
  Functions Status display, parameter setting, monitor display, alarm trace-back dis- play, JOG and autotuning operations, speed, torque reference signal and other drawing functions.
Others Reverse rotation connection, zero-point search, automatic servomotor ID, DC reactor connection terminal for harmonic suppressions.

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