Proface 12.1″ Touch Screen PFXGP4601TAD

12.1″ DC Analog Touchscreen, GP4000 Series, TFT Color LCD, 800×600 SVGA resolution, versatile interfaces, robust environmental resistance.

Brand Proface
Model Number PFXGP4601TAD
State In stock
Condition New Original
Warranty 12 months


Global Assurance

Functional Specification
Display Type TFT Color LCD
Display Size 12.1″
Resolution 800 x 600 pixels (SVGA)
Effective Display Area W246.0 x H184.5 mm [W9.69 x H7.26 in.]
Display Colors 65,536 Colors (No blink)/16,384 Colors (Blink)
Brightness Control 16 Levels (Adjusted with the touch panel or the software)
Application Memory FLASH EPROM 32 MB (including a logic program area)
Logic Program Area FLASH EPROM 132 KB (Equivalent to 15,000 steps)
Font Area FLASH EPROM 8 MB (Replaceable Lithium battery for backup memory)
Data Backup SRAM 320 KB (Replaceable Lithium battery for backup memory)
Variable Area SRAM 64 KB (Replaceable Lithium battery for backup memory)
Touch Panel Type Resistive Film (analog)
Touch Panel Resolution 1,024 x 1,024
General Specification
Rated Input Voltage DC 24 V
Input Voltage Limits DC 19.2 to 28.8 V
Allowable Voltage Drop 10 ms or less
Power Consumption 17 W or less
In-Rush Current 30 A or less
External Dimensions W315x H241x D56 mm [W12.4 x H9.49 x D2.2 in.]

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