OMRON Photoelectric Switch E3Z-T61

Photoelectric sensor from the E3Z series, designed for accurate object detection and reliable performance in various industrial settings.

Brand Omron
Model Number E3Z-T61
State In stock
Condition New Original
Warranty 12 months


Global Assurance

Shape Square type
Sensing method Through-beam type
Sensing distance 15 m
Standard sensing object Opaque: 12 mm dia. min.
Directional angle Emitter: 3 to 15 ° Receiver: 3 to 15 °
Light source Infrared LED (870 nm)
Power supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC±10% ripple (p-p) 10% max.
Current consumption Emitter: 15 mA max. Receiver: 20 mA max.
Control output NPN open collector 26.4 VDC max. 100 mA max. Residual voltage: 1 V max. (Load current Less than 10 mA) Residual voltage: 2 V max. (Load current 10 to 100 mA)
Operation mode Light-ON/Dark-ON selectable
Protective circuit Output short-circuit protection, Output reverse polarity protection, Power supply reverse polarity protection
Response time Operate or reset: 1 ms max.
Sensitivity setting Single-turn adjustment
Ambient illuminance Incandescent lamp: 3,000 lx max. Sunlight: 10,000 lx max.
Ambient temperature range (Operating) -25 to 55 ℃ (with no icing)
Ambient temperature range (Storage) -40 to 70 ℃ (with no freezing or condensation)
Ambient humidity range (Operating) 35 to 85 % (with no condensation)
Ambient humidity range (Strage) 35 to 95 % (with no condensation)
Insulation resistance 20 MΩ min. (500 VDC megger)
Dielectric strength 1000 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 min
Vibration resistance Destruction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5 mm double amplitude each in X, Y, and Z directions for 2 h
Shock resistance Destruction: 500 m/s2 3 times each in X, Y and Z directions
Degree of protection IEC: IP67
Connection method Pre-wired models (Cable length 2 m)
Indicator Operation indicator (orange), Stability indicator (green), Power indicator (orange)
Weight Package: Approx. 120 g
Accessories Instruction manual
Material Case: Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) Lens: Denatured Polyarylate

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