Mitsubishi 5.7″ HMI GT2505-VTBD

Advanced HMI from the GT series, featuring a touchscreen interface and versatile connectivity options for optimal user interaction in industrial settings.

Brand Mitsubishi
Model Number GT2505-VTBD
State In stock
Condition New Original
Warranty 12 months


Global Assurance

Model Number GT2512-STBA GT2512F-STNA GT2510-VTBA GT2510-VTWA GT2510F-VTNA GT2508-VTBA GT2508-VTWA GT2508F-VTNA GT2512-STBD GT2512F-STND GT2510-VTBD GT2510-VTWD GT2510F-VTND GT2508-VTBD GT2508-VTWD GT2508F-VTND   GT2505-VTBD
Input Power Supply Voltage 100 to 240VAC (+10%, -15%) 24VDC (+25%, -20%) 24 VDC (+10%, -15%)
Input Power Supply Frequency 50/60Hz ±5%
  Power Consumption   Maximum Load 35W or less 34W or less 31W or less 37W or less 33W or less 31W or less 8.4 W or less
Stand Alone 14W 12W 11W 13W 10W 8W 4.3 W
Stand Alone with Backlight Off 7W 7W 7W 6W 6W 6W 2.6 W
  Inrush Current 60A or less (2ms, ambient temperature 25°C, maximum load) 5A or less (20ms, ambient temperature 25°C, maximum load) 42 A or less (2 ms, ambient temperature: 25°C, under the maximum load)
Permissible Instantaneous Failure Time Within 20ms (100VAC or more) Within 10ms 10 ms or less
  Noise Resistance   Noise voltage 1500Vp-p, noise width 1μs by noise simulator with noise frequency 25 to 60Hz   Noise voltage 500Vp-p, noise width 1μs by noise simulator with noise frequency 25 to 60Hz Noise voltage: 1000 Vp-p, noise width: 1 μs, measured by a noise simulator with noise frequency ranging from 30 Hz to 100 Hz
Withstand Voltage 1500 VAC for 1 minute between power supply terminal and ground 350 VAC for 1 minute between power supply terminal and ground 500 VAC for 1 minute across power terminals and earth
Insulation Resistance 10MΩ or higher with an insulation resistance tester (500 VDC between power supply terminal and ground)
Applicable Wire Size 0.75 to 2 [mm²]
Clamp Terminal Clamp terminals for M3 screw RAV1.25-3, V2-S3.3, V2-N3A, FV2-N3A
Tightening Torque (Terminal Block’s Terminal Screws) 0.5 to 0.8 [N·m]

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