FUJI Servo Motor GYB751D5-RC2

Advanced servo drive from the GYB series, designed for 750W capacity, ensuring smooth and efficient motion control across various applications.

Brand Fuji
Model Number GYB751D5-RC2
State In stock
Condition New Original
Warranty 12 months


Global Assurance

Motor type (-B) indicates the brake-incorporated type. GYB201 D5- 2 (-B) GYB401 D5- 2 (-B) GYB751 D5- 2 (-B)
Rated output [kW] 0.2 0.4 0.75
Rated torque [N . m] 0.637 1.27 2.39
Rated speed [r/min] 3000
Max. speed [r/min] 6000*1
Max. torque [N . m] 1.91 3.82 7.17
Inertia [kg . m2] 0.24 × 10-4 0.42 × 10-4 1.43 × 10-4
( ) indicates brake-incorporated type. (0.29 × 10-4) (0.46 × 10-4) (1.61 × 10-4)
Rated current [A] 1.5 2.7 5.2
Max. current [A] 4.5 8.1 15.6
Winding insulation class Class B
Degree of enclosure protection Totally enclosed, self-cooled (IP 67. excluding the shaft-through)*2
Terminals (motor) 0.3m cable
Terminals (encoder) 0.3m cable
Overheat protection Not provided (The servo amplifier detects temperature.)
Mounting method By securing motor flange IMB5 (L51), IMV1 (L52), IMV3 (L53)
Encoder 18-bit serial encoder (absolute/incremental), 20-bit serial encoder (incremental)
Vibration level V5 or below
Installation place, altitude and environment For indoor use (free from direct sunlight), 1000m or below, locations without corrosive and flamable gases, oil mist and dust
Ambient temperature, humidity -10 to +40°C, within 90% RH (without condensation)
Vibration resistance [m/s2] 49
Mass [kg] 1.0 1.5 3.0
( ) indicates brake-incorporated type. (1.5) (2.1) (3.9)
Compliance with standards UL/cUL (UL508c) (Some models are in the process to be certified), CE marking (low power directive EN61800-5-1), RoHS directive.
Motor type GYB201 D5- 2-B GYB401 D5- 2-B GYB751 D5- 2-B
Static friction torque [N . m] 1.27 2.45
Rated DC voltage [V] DC24±10%
Attraction time [ms] 40 60
Release time [ms] 20 25
Power consumption [W] 7.2 (at 20 °C) 8.5 (at 20 °C)

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