Delta 4.3″ Touch Screen DOP-B03S211

4.3″ TFT HMI display, compact design, user-friendly interface, suitable for space-constrained industrial tasks.

Brand Delta
Model Number DOP-B03S211
State In stock
Condition New Original
Warranty 12 months


Global Assurance

LCD MODULE Display Type 4.3″ TFT LCD (65536 colors )
Resolution 480 x 272 pixels
Backlight LED Back Light (less than 20,000 hours half-life at 25oC) (Note 1)
Display Size 95.04 x 53.856mm
Operation System Delta Real Time OS
MCU 32-bit RISC Micro-controller
NOR Flash ROM Flash ROM 128 MB  (OS System: 30MB / Backup: 16MB / User Application: 82MB)
SDRAM 64Mbytes
Backup Memory 32Kbytes
  Buzzer   Multi-Tone Frequency (2K ~ 4K Hz) / 85dB
USB 1 USB Slave Ver 2.0  1 USB Host Ver 1.1
  Serial COM Port COM1 RS-232(supports hardware flow control) / RS-485
COM2 RS-422/RS-485
Ethernet Interface N/A 10M/100M
Perpetual Calendar Built-in
Cooling Method Natural air circulation
Safety Approval CE / UL (Note 3)
Waterproof Degree IP65 / NEMA4 (Note 3)
Operation Voltage  (Note2) DC +24V (-10% ~ +15%) (please use isolated power supply)
Voltage Endurance AC500V for 1 minute (between charging (DC24V terminal) and FG terminals)
Power Consumption (Note 2) 4.8W 7.2W
Backup Battery 3V lithium battery CR2032 x 1
Backup Battery Life It depends on the temperature used and the conditions of usage,  about 3 years or more at 25oC.
Operation Temperature o o  0 C ~ 50 C
Storage Temperature o o  -20 C ~ +60 C
Ambient Humidity o o  10% ~ 90% RH [0 ~ 40 C], 10% ~ 55% RH [41 ~ 50 C], Pollution Degree 2
Vibration IEC 61131-2 compliant 5Hz≦f<8.3Hz = Continuous: 3.5mm, 8.3Hz≦f≦150Hz = Continuous:  1.0g
Shock IEC 60068-2-27 compliant 15g peak for 11 ms duration, X, Y, Z directions for 6 times
Dimensions  (W) x (H) x (D) mm 129 x103 x 39
Panel Cutout  (W) x (H) mm 118.8 x 92.8
Weight Approx. 230g Approx. 264g

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