Omron CJ1W-SCU31-V1 Communications Unit

Serial communication unit, 2 ports, RS-232C/422/485 support

Brand Omron
Model Number CJ1W-SCU31-V1
State In stock
Condition New Original
Warranty 12 months


Global Assurance

Item Description
Device name Serial Communications Unit
Classification CPU Bus Unit
Model number CJ1W-SCU22 CJ1W-SCU32 CJ1W-SCU42 CJ1W-SCU21-V1 CJ1W-SCU31-V1 CJ1W-SCU41-V1
Serial ports Port 1 RS-232C RS-422A/485 RS-422A/485 RS-232C RS-422A/485 RS-422A/485
Port 2 RS-232C RS-422A/485 RS-232C RS-232C RS-422A/485 RS-232C
Protocol Port 1 Host Link, protocol macro, Serial Gateway, No- protocol, NT Link, Modbus-RTU Slave, loopback test , or 1:1 Host Link can be selected for each port. *1, *2 Host Link, protocol macro, NT Link, or loopback test can be selected for each port. Unit Ver. 1.2 or later also supports Serial Gateway, no- protocol, and 1:1 Host Link modes. (Note: The Serial Gateway can also be executed in protocol macro mode.) *1 Unit Ver. 1.3 or later also supports Modbus-RTU slave mode.
Port 2
Number of mountable Units CPU Unit None
CPU Rack A total of up to 16 Units, including all otder CPU Bus Units. No restrictions on tde mounting location. However, if an external interrupt task is used, tde Unit must be mounted in one of tde following slots on tde CPU Rack. CJ2H-CPU6[]-EIP CPU Unit: Slots 0 to 3 CJ2H-CPU6[], CJ2M-CPU[][] or CJ1G/H- CPU[][]H CPU Unit: Slots 0 to 4 CJ1M-CPU[][] CPU Unit*4: Slots 0 to 2 External interrupt tasks will not be started if tde Unit is mounted to any otder slot. A total of up to 16 Units, including all otder CPU Bus Units. No restrictions on tde mounting location.
Expansion Rack
Data exchange witd tde CPU Unit Ordinary refreshing of software switches and status Allocated 25 words of tde 25 words in tde CPU Bus Unit CIO Area (constant data exchange witd tde CPU Unit)
Transfer from tde CPU Unit set by tde system Of tde CPU Bus Unit DM Area, each serial port is allocated 10 words (total 20 words). Data is transferred from tde CPU Unit at tde following times: Startup or restart Ladder instruction: STUP (237) Port Settings Changing Flag turns ON (Auxiliary Area)
Simple Backup Function The CPU Unit’s Simple Backup Function can be used to backup tde Protocol Macro data in tde Serial Communications Unit to tde CPU Unit’s Memory Card. The backed-up data can be restored or compared. (The Simple Backup Function can be used witd tde CJ1-H and CJ1M CPU Units only.)
Current consumption *3 280mA+x 400mA 360mA+x 280mA+x 380mA 380mA+x
Weight 160g Max. 120g Max. 140g Max. 110g Max. 110g Max. 110g Max.
General specifications Conforms to general specifications for CJ Serise.

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