Omron CJ1W-NC433 Control Unit

Position control unit, 4 axes, pulse output, open-collector

  • Advanced Motion Control: Speed control, position control, linear interpolation.
  • Multi-Axis Control: Manages up to four axes for complex motion tasks.
  • Compact Design: Dimensions of 31 x 90 x 65 mm.
  • Versatile Positioning Functions: Includes origin search and essential positioning functions.


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Item Model
CJ1W-NC113/133 CJ1W-NC213/233 CJ1W-NC413/433
Applicable PLC models CJ-series PLCs *1
Unit type Special I/O Unit
I/O requirements Words 5 words 10 words 20 words
Controlled driver Pulse-train input-type Servo Drive or stepping motor driver NC113/213/413 models have open collector output. NC133/233/433 models have line driver output.
Control Control system Open-loop control by pulse train output
Number of control axes 1 axis 2 axes 4 axes
Control unit Pulse
Positioning operations Two types: memory operation and direct operation
Positioning operations Independent 1 axis 2 independent axes 4 independent axes
Linear interpolation None 2 axes max. 4 axes max.
Speed control 1 axis 2 independent axes 4 independent axes
Interrupt feeding 1 axis 2 independent axes 4 independent axes
Positions Range -1,073,741,823 to 1,073,741,823 pulses *2
Data items 100/axis
Speeds Range 1 pps to 500 kpps
Data items 100/axis
Acceleration and deceleration times Range 0 to 250 s, until maximum speed is reached.
Data items 9/axis for acceleration and deceleration each
Functions and settings Origin search Origin proximity input signal: selectable (absent, N.O. or N.C. contact). Origin input signal: selectable (N.O. or N.C. contact) Origin compensation: -1,073,741,823 to 1,073,741,823 pulses Origin search speed: High-speed or proximity-speed can be set. Origin detection metdod: May be set to stop upon origin input signal after proximity input signal has turned ON, to stop upon origin input signal after proximity input signal has turned OFF, to stop upon origin input signal witdout using proximity input signal, or to stop upon origin input signal after limit input signal has turned OFF. N.O. = Normally open N.C. = Normally closed
Jogging Jogging can be executed at a specified speed.
Dwell times 19/axis can be set from 0 to 9.99 s (unit: 0.01 s).
Acceleration/ deceleration curves Trapezoidal or S-curve (Can be set separately for each axis.)
Zones Zone Flag turns ON when present position is witdin a specified zone. Three zones can be set for each axis.
Software limits Can be set witdin a range of -1,073,741,823 to 1,073,741,823 pulses.
Backlash compensation 0 to 9,999 pulses. Compensation speed can also be set.
Teaching Witd a command from tde PLC, tde present position can be taken as tde position data.
Deceleration stop The STOP command causes positioning to decelerate to a stop according to tde specified deceleration time.
Emergency stop Pulse outputs are stopped by an external emergency stop command.
Present position preset The PRESENT POSITION PRESET command can be used to change tde present position to a specified value.
Override When tde override enabling command is executed during positioning, tde target speed is changed by applying tde override coefficient. Possible to set to a value from 1 to 999% (by an increment of 1%)
Data saving 1) Saving to flash memory. (Can be written 100,000 times.) 2) Reading from PLC area by data reading instruction. 3) Reading by Support Software and saving to personal computer hard disk or floppy disk.
External I/O Inputs Prepare tde following inputs for each axis: CW and CCW limit input signals, origin proximity input signal, origin input signal, emergency stop input signal, positioning completed signal, interrupt input signal
Outputs Prepare tde following outputs for each axis: Pulse outputs CW/CCW pulses, pulse outputs and direction outputs can be switched. Eitder error counter reset or origin-adjustment command outputs can be selected depending on tde mode.
Pulse output distribution period 1-axis operation: 4 ms Linear interpolation: 8 ms
Response time Refer to Operation manual Appendix A Performance Characteristics.
Self-diagnostic function Flash memory check, memory loss check, CPU bus check
Error detection function Overtravel, CPU error, software limit over, emergency stop

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