Experience Peace of Mind with Kwoco’s After-Sales Service

We operate on the belief that our role extends beyond mere sales transactions, it envelops a robust after-sales service commitment. Our aim is not only to meet customer expectations but to exceed them at every stage, including post-purchase.

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Customer Feedback Questions

Recently, one of our long-term customers contacted us in distress because a product they purchased a year ago had a malfunction. They were unsure of what to do and turned to us for help

Communicate and Make Suggestions

After communication, the customer still could not resolve the problem. So we suggested that the customer send the product back to us and we would send it to the original manufacturer for testing and repair. Because we have a close cooperation with the original manufacturer, there is usually a special fast channel for after-sales issues.

And because the customer is a manufacturer, they have very strict requirements for product quality. If problems occur, the cause must be carefully investigated to avoid the problem from recurring. We promised to cooperate actively with the customer, so that the customer can rest assured.


Absorbing Repair Costs: Building on Customer Trust

After receiving the product, we immediately contacted the original manufacturer for testing. The original manufacturer quickly provided a test report, which showed that the problem was caused by improper use.
Because the product was already out of warranty, it needed to be repaired at a cost. Considering our long-term cooperation with the customer and the customer’s good reputation, we decided to bear all the repair costs and help the customer repair the product for free.

Fast After-sales, 7 Days to Solve

The final product was returned to the customer after repair in just 7 days, and the customer was very pleased with the speed and quality of our service.

Customized Solutions: Addressing Diverse Customer Needs

We also cater to customers with specific needs that preclude them from returning malfunctioning products immediately.
In such instances, we leverage our relationship of trust to expedite a new product replacement, without requiring the return of the original item.

Global Warranty Assurance: The Backbone of Our Service Confidence

An added layer of assurance comes from the fact that our products often come with a global warranty, given that they are procured via formal channels from original manufacturers. This not only enhances our service credibility but also reinforces customer confidence in our offerings.


In summary, our approach to after-sales service is multi-faceted and tailored to meet diverse customer needs. By providing solutions that are both swift and reliable, we don’t just solve immediate problems, we build lasting relationships based on mutual trust and satisfaction.

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